Matthew Bengtson, pianist

Welcome to my chess pages. I am a FIDE master, chess writer and coach. Though currently retired from active competition I am looking to help a new generation of chessplayers to have fun, learn and improve their skills!

Teaching chess
Some information about how I coach chessplayers.

My chessplaying history

A resumé of the highlights of my life in chess.

My Best Games
A few pleasing displays of competence at the chessboard!

My writings on chess
Includes both previously published and new materials.

"Chess is the touchstone of the intellect." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"A bad day at chess is better than any good day of chasing some silly little dimpled ball all over somebody's cow pasture." - Mitchell White (Fellow golfers, take note!)

"Chess is not a whit inferior to the violin." - Mikhail Botvinnik

"A chess tournament is not a horse race. Besides official results, it leaves something much more important: games, products of human intellect." - Mikhail Krasenkov (NIC 1998/6)