Writings on Chess

A Most Memorable Game
This extremely detailed analysis of a dramatic win over Antoine Hutchinson was originally published in Chess Horizons and the Maryland Chess Newsletter in 2000, and won the award for that year from Chess Journalists of America (CJA) for best analysis (general).

Karpov's Cosmic Connection
A review of “Anatoly Karpov's Best Games,” which also contains some remarks on Karpov's career, playing style, and other books.

Bizarre Events in my Chess Experience
Some entertaining displays of ineptitude, and other amusing situations!

A discussion of chess variants
A collection of the weird and wonderful, from odds chess to Crazyhouse.

Coming attractions

Alekhine-Euwe analysis
An in-depth analysis of a very tactical rook endgame, given shoddy analysis in Alekhine's manual of his own games.

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