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Wilson Collection

Instruments of the Wilson Collection,
Vol. I

Charles West Wilson of Red Lion, PA has one of the outstanding collections of English harpsichords and fortepianos. This first CD in a planned series of five opens with Krebs’s grand Sonata for Two Keyboards, on the unusual combination of Kirkman harpsichord and Broadwood piano.
   Hear an excerpt from the second movement [652 KB]
It continues with the delightful Philadelphia Sonata no. 3 by Reinagle, on an perfectly suited Longman and Broderip square piano.
   Opening of first movement [392 KB]
Next comes a Lesson in C minor from Handel’s protege John Christopher Smith, on the powerful Kirkman harpsichord that shows many changes of color:
   Smith sample [740 KB]
Following Smith comes the brilliant Partite of Domenico Zipoli, showing off the resources of the apparently modest Slade bentside spinet harpsichord:
   Zipoli Partite [752 KB]
and next the Handel E major Suite, with the famous Harmonious Blacksmith variations, showing the richness of the Shudi grand harpsichord:
   Harmonious Blacksmith [776 KB]
The CD concludes on a more Romantic note, with an expressive selection from Clementi’s Gradus ad Parnassum on the Broadwood:
   Concluding sample [756 KB]

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